Q What is the Seat Challenge? 

A The Seat Challenge is, WE WANT TO SELL OUT ALL OUR TICKETS. We want to sell out all our tickets in 6 online virtual sports venues during Women's History Month, and make history. 55,000 tickets = 55,000 engravings


Q What do you get for a ticket? 

A You get to make history and help fund the first sports campus in the world for women. You also get the opportunity to engrave a seat in our new facilities, when we build our first sports campus in New England.


Q How many venues are we trying to sell out?

A We have 6 online virtual sports venues: soccer, basketball, volleyball, fastpitch, lacrosse, and field hockey. 


Q How do I take the challenge? 

A Go online, buy a ticket, and share it on social media.


Q How much does a ticket cost? 

A Tickets start at $9 for a colorful Pave the Way Certificate you can hang on your wall at home. Tickets cap out at $1million dollars, if you would like to fund a field. See the levels of donation below.


Q When does the challenge start? 

A March 1st, 2020. You may get early pre-sale access if you sign up for our newsletter, or become a member. 


Q What is Sports Express?

A Sports Express is a summer sports program for girls, that combines multi sport exploration, health,  wellness, self expression through dance and writing, and self defense. We are looking to fully fund 60 spaces for girls in 3rd through 8th grades,  Summer 2020. We want to fund 100%, so it will be free to participate.  












Sports for Women Seat Challenge 2020

Sports for Women’s #areyouin Seat Challenge is an online virtual ticketing experience to fund our mission to create and promote athletic opportunities for women and fund our sports campus. When you buy an #imin ticket, you have donated toward our goal of building the first campus in the world for women. Imagine how amazing a stadium filled with inspiring messages and engravings will be.


Maybe you will choose to have your name, or a coach’s name or someone who has encouraged you to play sports engraved on your seat. This is your chance to send the message that you donated to the #areyouin Seat Challenge because you believe sports changes and improves people’s lives. We want to sell out all six of our online venues, because the moment we do, is the moment our campus moves from a dream, towards a place to play.

Our goal is to fund the first sports campus for women in the world together-  a campus that will be a hub for collaboration with our current partners, partners of the future, and the community at large; featuring state of the art facilities, professional coaching, ground-breaking research, and a supportive environment that promotes health, wellness, and fun.


We envision this campus serving a wide range of participants from toddlers to seniors; semi, para and pro athletes, to recreational, and club programs. Let's also not forget fans who include families, friends, and other New England sports teams. We believe that lifelong fitness includes support systems, healthy activity, and a community of supporters who we can cheer on, laugh with, learn from, and grow with.


Robust and successful programming is already happening all over New England. We invite everyone together to participate, collaborate, and support each other. We want a place for athletes to play, and fans to cheer.

If we want a place to play, we need to build it.

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