New England Sports for Women's programs will promote community engagement, lifelong fitness, healthy competition, team camaraderie, and fun.  Our diversity of sports and sporting activities - including social events and active recreation - will strive to reach athletes from every age group, culture, and socio-economic background.  Sports make the world a better place.  They make us confident individuals and compassionate teammates, both on and off the field.  Through the joy of sports and a shared mission, our campuses will inspire communities across the country.  You are an athlete.  We are your team.


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  • Charitable and community events

  • Guest lecture series on the positive impact on women in sports

  • Film screenings and music series showcasing athletes' pursuits off the field, promoting personal diversity

  • Training sessions and educational programs

  • Seasonal "Try a New Sport" Day for all ages

  • Public art installation(s) to showcase female athletes and artists


  • Training and competition in power soccer, basketball, and sitting volleyball

  • Extracurricular programs for student athletes with disabilities

  • Facilitation of training for coaches, teachers, and officials with adaptive sports experts

  • Disability awareness and inclusion training

  • Adaptive sports exhibitions and demonstrations

  • Support Paralympics training and competitions

Photograph used with permission, (c) Joe Kusumoto

  • Onsite childcare and preschool to support working parents and adult athletes.  Classes focused on STEAM curriculum that empowers learners to become 21st century student-athletes

  • After school sports programs with emphasis on the joys of play and benefits of lifelong fitness.  It's about competing and having FUN with your friends!

  • Partnerships with youth sports associations to support entry-level competition and basic skills development

  • Youth Sports Academy with access to top-notch coaches, trainers, and facilities

  • "Family-friendlies" sports matches


  • Partnerships with club and town sports programs to support developing athletes at mid-level competition

  • Youth Sports Academy with access to top-notch coaches, trainers, and facilities

  • Hosting of state and regional tournaments

  • Sports education training

  • Internship opportunities

  • Classes in adolescent development and nutritional health for teenage athletes

  • Hosting of regular season games and tournaments for college programs

  • Regional College Cup Series for women's sports programs

  • Midpoint match destination for teams traveling long distances to reduce travel time and allow students to focus on their studies and activities

  • Summer Collegiate Academy

  • Internship opportunities


Photograph used with permission, courtesy Boston College​

  • Hosting of professional and semi-professional women's games

  • Hosting international friendlies and qualifying tournaments for world-class competition

  • Youth Sports Academy to provide professional athletes with opportunities to serve the community

  • Coaching license courses to support post-career employment opportunities

Photograph used with permission, (c) John Todd

  • Educational classes on wellness, mobility, strength training, yoga, nutrition, self-defense, and work-life balance for adult players

  • Partnership with adult sports leagues to support recreational play at all ages and abilities

  • Access to quality facilities for players that want to continue playing after high school or college

  • Casual sunrise and sunset sports matches

  • Mentorship program to pair strong girls with powerful women for support and inspiration


  • Programs and classes that support lifelong fitness and aging with strength, flexibility, and dignity

  • Walking, running, and social clubs

  • Small field "walking soccer" league for local seniors

  • Partnerships with rehabilitation and physical therapists to integrate SFW resources into therapeutic offerings and strategies

Photograph used with permission, (c) Montrose Community Trust

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